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Thrive on the Hustle: A Conversation with Tony Van Hoozer

Not only his Tony still managing a warehouse and a sales region in Indiana, he is one of the most energetic grandparents I have ever met. He is deeply invested in their lives and regularly takes them to ball games, museums and out flying drones. Tony shared that he loves taking advantage of the opportunities that life throws at him. He is not ready to spend all day at a golf course or on the back porch but wants to continue to achieve and overcome obstacles.

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Portrait of the Graduate: Sam Sites

I think Classical Christian education prepares you to interact well in any conversation with any person. It instills intellectual curiosity and, hopefully, the humility to listen to others and learn from them. I think a student with this background is better prepared to take ownership of their education and themselves while also having a desire to help others.

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Teacher Feature: DeeDee Feeney

I have taught at Coram Deo since 2011. That year, I had the joy of starting their full-time Kindergarten program. Previous to Coram Deo, I had never taught at a Classical school, but once I learned what it meant to teach classically, I realized I had always been taught that way. I felt I had finally found my home.

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Lessons Learned from David Michael – Founder of Truth78

For a child to reach his or her God-given potential, the father’s blessing is one of the ordained means of nurture and edification in the child’s life. Listening to David Michael helped me to see the tremendous responsibility that I have to bless my children. I have come to accept that I will not naturally do this but I must intentionally set out to actively bless my children in both word and deed on a daily basis.

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