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The Benefits of Music

Musical training offers undeniable skills and proficiencies, which can be transferred to other meaningful areas of life. This begs the following questions: How is it that the elements of music affect the innermost being of an individual? And how does music benefit one’s personal growth and development?

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The Biblical Significance of Music

My goal over these next few weeks is to explain the importance of a musical foundation for young ones from the worldview of a Classical Christian Educator. One must first and foremost understand the biblical significance of a subject before attempting to understand it from a classical or educational approach. Hence, in this first post, I will begin with a reflection on music from a biblical perspective.

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No Goodbyes

This was originally shared with staff and parents the week after Miss Emily Hall’s tragic passing on February 3, 2019. We share again today in honor of her precious life.

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People & Processes: Lessons from Chuck Frary

After months of digging through filing cabinets, reviewing books, and interviewing employees, the nervous graduate students compiled their reports. Chuck asked, “Well, what is the problem?” One of the business students tentatively responded, “The problem is you, Mr. Frary.”

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In Memory of Miss Hall

It is hard to believe that one year ago our beloved friend and teacher, Miss Emily Hall,
walked into the presence of her Savior. I would like to honor her memory and legacy by
talking about the beautiful impact that she left on all of us here at Coram Deo Academy,
as well as in the hearts and lives of people around the world.

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