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Is Coram Deo Academy right for our family?

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Welcome to Coram Deo Academy. Since 2008, we have challenged the status quo in education by providing a time-tested option to parents with a proven track record of excellence. Our promise to every day put your child with teachers who will know them, love them, and challenge them to reach their full potential in Christ (Romans 8:29). 

What is the impact of classical Christian education?

Learn why the fruit of classical Christian education is perennially excellent in both scholarship and discipleship.



How does Coram Deo partner with Christian parents?

School-aged children belong not to the government but to God. The primary supporting structures for training children are the home and the church. As an Academy, we are the third leg of the stool and exist so that the next generation has a seat at the table in the years to come.


of a Graduate

Our measuring rod for institutional success is judged by these five markers existing in our graduates’ lives.


Coram Deo Academy graduates students who embody our Portrait of a Graduate