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Coram Deo Academy Upper School










Portrait of the Graduate

Contagious Christian

Ignites a passion for the Gospel through a transformed & transforming presence

Lifelong Learner

Engages in the discipline and delight of self-education & self-government

Critical Thinker

Evaluates entire range of experience utilizing sanctified logic & an educated imagination

Compelling Communicator

Listens carefully with discernment & speaks intentionally with wisdom and eloquence

Legacy Leader

Acts with quiet resolve to catalyze generational change in obedience to the Great Commission


Program Distinctives

Coram Deo provides a rigorous, traditional liberal arts education. The core curriculum taught emphasizes:

  • The Great Books, mathematics, natural sciences, and foreign languages. 
  • Socratic seminars and tutorials combining a study of history, literature, and philosophy. 
  • Laboratory experimentation in science courses.
  • Art, music or theater coursework each year.

Coram Deo Academy aims to cultivate 

Craftsmanship and Character




Our Graduates Say…

The older I get, the more thankful I become for the education Coram Deo has provided me. I have learned how to reason logically, persuade effectively & communicate clearly and with grace.

Allison Clodgo

Coram Deo helped me as a scholar by providing a rigorous curriculum & high expectations from my teachers, requiring a great deal of dedication to my school work. The community of strong believers helped grow me in my faith, allowing me to be open with others and comfortable sharing Christ with others. CDA also showed me how Christ is preeminent in all areas of life.

Sophia King

Scholarship is about asking questions and pursuing truth. I think Classical Christian education instills intellectual curiosity & reassurance that truth exists.

Sam Sites

Graduation Requirements

The Guilds, Grit, Grace, and Growth Apprenticeships & Senior Thesis: 

Coram Deo integrates the liberal arts with real-world applications through Guilds that apprentice students in artistic and professional skills: dramatic performance and stagecraft (Actors’ Guild), graphic design and photoshop (Designers’ Guild), leadership and presentations (Orators’ Guild), and financial management (Bookkeepers’ Guild).

These three apprenticeships culminate in the Senior Thesis defense, and catalyze the fulfillment of the portrait of the graduate, equipping students as contagious Christians, lifelong learners, critical & creative thinkers, compelling communicators and legacy leaders.

Classical Christian Education is a time-tested method of equipping students to become lifelong learners. At Coram Deo Academy, we combine this methodology with a distinctly and consistently Christ-centered approach.

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