Coram Deo Academy


Our Story

Coram Deo started was started in 2008 by a group of committed and sacrificial families who wanted something different for their children. They shared two common values: young people matter and education is critical. Rather than outsourcing this biblical responsibility to the government, the Coram Deo founders saw the Classical Christian curriculum and methodology as the best way to form the next generation. Since 2008, students have participated in Guilds, presented their Senior Thesis projects to panels, and been nourished on a robust curriculum of Great Books, Latin, and Logic. The school’s graduates have successfully launched into their college and careers and credit their Classical Christian education with much of their success.

What We Do

We are a Classical Christian school that takes forming the next generation seriously. We exist to assist Hamilton County parents in their duty of biblically training their children by offering academic instruction that is distinctly and consistently Christ-centered and classical.

The value we offer includes:

Open Positions

Discover exciting career opportunities at Coram Deo Academy. We strive to provide exceptional education grounded in faith, excellence, and community, we are constantly seeking talented individuals to join our team.

Upper Elementary

Coram Deo Academy is seeking an upper elementary school instructor for the 2024-2025 school year. Our mission is to...

Upper School
Science Instructor

Coram Deo Academy is seeking a Science instructor in the Upper School (7th-12th grades) for the 2023-2024 school year. Our mission is to...

Upper School
Humanities & Theology

Coram Deo Academy is seeking an Upper School (7th-12th grades) instructor with capability to teach courses in Bible/Theology, Humanities, and Logic or Rhetoric for the 2023-2024 school year. Our mission is to...

Our Graduates Say…

Sophia King

Coram Deo helped me as a scholar by providing a rigorous curriculum & high expectations from my teachers, requiring a great deal of dedication to my school work. The community of strong believers helped grow me in my faith, allowing me to be open with others and comfortable sharing Christ with others. CDA also showed me how Christ is preeminent in all areas of life.

Allison Clodgo

The older I get, the more thankful I become for the education Coram Deo has provided me. I have learned how to reason logically, persuade effectively & communicate clearly and with grace.

Sam Sites

Scholarship is about asking questions and pursuing truth. I think Classical Christian education instills intellectual curiosity & reassurance that truth exists.

Coram Deo Academy graduates students who embody our Portrait of a Graduate

Coram Deo Academy expects to develop students that exhibit the following behaviors:


Ignites a passion for the Gospel through a transformed & transforming presence


Listens carefully with discernment & speaks intentionally with wisdom and eloquence

Critical & Creative

Evaluates entire range of experience utilizing sanctified logic & an educated imagination


Engages in the discipline and delight of self-education & self-government


Acts with quiet resolve to catalyze generational change in obedience to the Great Commission

Core Virtures


Intentional Care

Ordered Loves

We show a love for what is taught and a love for who is taught. We also love our Teacher in Heaven.

Ideal Team Player

As a staff, we strive to be humble, hungry and smart in the way that we educate children.

Shepherding Hearts

We embrace a biblical and holistic approach to forming the hearts & minds of the next generation.


Purposeful Excellence

Growth Mindset

We never stop trying to increase our effectiveness and pursue a healthy, growth-focused culture.

Eternal Patience

We are committed to fulfilling our potential and helping every individual become the best version of themselves.

Second-Mile Service

We do whatever it takes for extraordinary outcomes in scholarship, discipleship, and partnership.


Skillful Courage


Instead of choosing convenience and ease, we possess a high capacity for challenge.


Instead of celebrating frenetic activity, we elevate the essentials of CCE to radically improve student learning.

Great Commission Growth

We seek to prepare students to engage the world with the claims of the Gospel in a way that is true, good & beautiful.

Why Join Our Team?

Here are Four Reasons to Consider

By working with Coram Deo Academy, you immediately become part of a team that is committed to make God’s vision a reality in Carmel. We are seeking to bring about the preferred future outlined in the Old and New Testament. Our school’s efforts are grounded in Christian piety and governed by Christian theology. We seek to do all things Soli Deo Gloria.
Although the school year is quite busy, we begin mid-August and end before Memorial Day. We have high expectations for our teachers but also seek to give them longer breaks throughout the year along with six paid days off. At Coram Deo Academy, we also provide additional times for observing other teachers, attending conferences and doing research for your classes.
On the Coram Deo Academy Team, we seek to develop the leader within. We want all our team members to see themselves as legacy leaders. This is why we use Growth Partners, frequent observations and feedback, and Leadership Cohorts each spring. Our aim is to see each and every individual at the Academy summit the peak of their own potential.
If you love learning new things every day, you are our kind of people. The best way to learn is to teach, so our faculty and staff are constantly learning. Whether it be history, literature, or science, we are constantly discovering at Coram Deo Academy. We are participants in the Great Conversation- the ongoing process by which we interact with and refine the true, good and beautiful thoughts of our predecessors.