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We caught up with Dr. John Crabtree who joined us this last summer as Director of Advancement and Operations to learn more about him in an interview format. In addition to his backstage work to serve the present and future of the school. Dr. Crabtree can be seen on a daily basis teaching an Earth Science course to 8th graders.

1) Are you married? Kids? Grandkids?


Yes, I am happily married to my wife Vicki and we have three adult children and thirteen grandchildren.


2) Where did you go to school?


I started out at the University of Kentucky on a baseball scholarship after being drafted by the Detroit Tigers out of high school. Then, I finished a B.S. in Biology at Indiana-Purdue University at Indianapolis while working at Eli Lilly and Company. After a couple of years I took a leave of absence from Lilly and moved to Louisville, KY, to complete a B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville with the intent of returning to Lilly. However, God redirected my life into full time vocational ministry and I completed an MDiv, ThM and PhD at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


3) What gets you up in the morning?


Right now our puppy named Rosy gets me up around 4am each morning. In addition to Rosy, I get up each day with a desire to learn and take steps into new adventures for the glory of God.


4) What are your favorite hobbies?


I love to read, take walks with my wife, and hang out with family whether it’s at pool parties, cookouts, or watching the kids play sports.



5) What is one of your hidden talents?


I can take my finger off and put it back on for the grandkids.

6) What is your favorite book and why?


The short answer is the Bible because it is God’s Word. My next favorite book is the next book I read because I am a lifelong learner and I can’t wait to learn something new.

7) How long have you lived in Indiana and why do you enjoy living here?


My family moved from Louisville, KY, to Indianapolis when I was five years old because my dad got a job at Naval Avionics. I enjoy living here because of something my wife reminds me of that comes from her favorite movie – “there’s no place like home.”


8) What meaningful event in your past significantly influenced your life?


My dream of playing professional baseball was shattered when I hurt my pitching arm in college. As an eight year old boy I envisioned playing in the pros, but God had other plans for me. I struggled with both the physical and emotional pain of shattered plans. God walked with me through the anger and used this tragedy to redirect my life in ways that I did not see at the time. Just a few years after this painful experience God called me into full time vocational ministry.



9) What historical figure would you like to spend a day with?


I think it would be fascinating to spend the day with the Apostle Paul when he was on Mars Hill.


10) What would we be surprised to learn about you?


My last name comes from a man that owned a crabapple orchard in an area just north of London, England.

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