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The Tutor

Spring Edition 2020

Failing in Light of the Cross | Connecting as a Creative Christian | Forming a Solid Foundation of Faith | Identifying the Core of Classical Education | Learning with Patience & Tenacity

Failure: Friend of the Cross

Jen Hutson

Only some of us are perfectionists, but nearly everyone harbors a fear of failure. Why does failure cause such trepidation or send us into defensive maneuvers? Read more.

Profile of the Student:

Zach Raber

In this interview, Zach discusses how his time at Coram Deo Academy prepared him to engage with others as a creative Christian in the entertainment industry.

The Formation of Faithfulness

Mike & Melissa Wojcik

Mr. & Mrs. Wojcik, current Coram Deo parents, share how they came to value classical education’s focus on building a strong foundation of faith in this interview.

Inventing the Wheel

David Seibel

The invention of the wheel changed the trajectory of human history. But the wheel also serves as a useful way to describe an education, more specifically a Classical Christian Education (CCE). Read more here.

Teacher Feature:

Danielle Weirich

Mrs. Weirich has served as the seventh & eighth grade teacher at Coram Deo Academy since 2017. Her passion as a teacher in the School of Logic is to “turn heads” toward truth. Read more.

Winter Edition 2019

Sacred Christmas | Making Room for Deeper Pleasures | A Family’s Love for Learning | A Gospel-Driven Life | Connecting the Dots in Education

Sacred Christmas

Jen Hutson

Advent comes from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming.” Advent calls Christians to a time of reflection and preparation. Enjoy this list of ways your family can cultivate sacred space during Advent.

Profile of the Graduate:

Matthew Lorentz

During this conversation, Matt Lorentz, Coram Deo graduate, emphasizes the eye-opening nature of classical education and how it showed him his need for the Gospel.

A Family’s Love for Learning

Brad & Michelle Schall

Upon meeting Brad and Michelle Schall, two things stand out almost instantly: their godly character and their love for Coram Deo. Read their interview here.

Making Room for Deeper Pleasures

David Seibel

Parents are largely unaware of the outcomes of letting devices disciple their children. Read more about this high-level strategy to use technology well.

Teacher Feature:

Kim Warman

Mrs. Warman serves as the third-grade teacher at Coram Deo Academy. She expresses a deep love for working with this age group. Read about her work in this interview.

Fall Edition 2019

Post Tenebras Lux | Scholarship & Curiosity | A Letter to Faculty & Staff | Training Scholars | Habits of the Heart

Post Tenebras Lux

David Seibel

How does the leadership at Coram Deo Academy fight against organizational friction, confusion, and apathy? Learn how Coram Deo views growth in this article.

Profile of the Graduate:

Sam Sites

In this interview, Sam Sites, graduate of Coram Deo, discusses foundations, scholarship, & curiosity in education.

An Open Letter

Amy Poer

In this letter, mother of four Coram Deo Academy students and long-time observer of Classical Christian education thanks Coram Deo staff and faculty for their work.


Training Scholars

David Seibel

What separates a good teacher from a great teacher? It is difficult to pinpoint, but you can tell when you are in the presence of the latter. Learn more in this article.

Teacher Feature:

DeeDee Feeney

As the longest-standing faculty member at Coram Deo Academy, DeeDee Feeney serves as a fount of wisdom for the community. Hear some of her wisdom here.


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