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Reopening Plan

Coram Deo Academy is founded on the core values of agape (intentional care), arete (purposeful excellence) and fortitudo (skillful courage). These values inform how we want to respond to these challenging and uncertain times. We strive to care for our school community, including the vulnerable members, while also attending highly to the excellence of instruction that we offer our students and families. We refuse to be cowed by a spirit of fear, but aim to carefully and skillfully weigh the risks against the costs, as we courageously meet the challenges of today.


Handbook of New Health & Safety Measures

In order to guide our faculty, parents and community in embodying agapearete, and fortitudo, we have adopted a Handbook of New Health & Safety Measures. This document received input from the Hamilton County Health Department, as well as the administration, board and faculty of CDA. Our approach aims to

  • Empower parents in their God-given role of authority over their children,
  • Adopt common-sense precautionary measures in school to minimize risk of exposure,
  • Prioritize on-site in-person learning while preparing to accommodate distance or asynchronous learning if necessary,
  • Maintain excellence in the quality of education and teacher-student interactions,
  • Allow for flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing situation.

There is no perfect way to navigate uncertain times. And we want to care for our families and students as best as we can. Please contact us with your questions or concerns, whether personal or communal. We want to help and do our very best to serve you!


As of 3/1/21 in light of the reduction of new cases and the decreasing positivity rate, we are discontinuing checking temperatures of staff and faculty each morning. Our staff and faculty are now expected to monitor their own temperature along with any signs and symptoms.


Mask Mandate

As an update to our handbook above, we want to clarify that we will abide by all governmental mandates as long as they are in effect. On Wednesday, July 22nd the Indiana Governor issued an executive order mandating mask-wearing in public indoor spaces from July 27 – Aug 26, including schools for 3rd graders and up. However, there are exemptions for students and teachers in the classroom who can maintain enough distance. As one news article explains,

The following are exceptions to the mask mandate as it applies to schools specifically:

  • If a school classroom can be configured so that all students and instructors are at least 3-6 feet apart
  • During outdoor recess where proper social distancing measures are enforced
  • When deemed necessary by a school official for instructional purposes
  • Individual discretion for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 learning plan

Instructors in classrooms with at least six feet between the instructional area and the students will not be required to wear a mask while social distancing is observed.

Because of the size of our school and classrooms, students and teachers therefore would only be required to wear masks at select times. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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