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What is Classical Christian Education?

Classical Christian Education is a time-tested method of equipping students to become lifelong learners. At Coram Deo Academy, we combine this methodology with a distinctly and consistently Christ-centered approach.



Coram Deo



Our students need a place that they can call home. Our parents need a place where they can picture their students graduating. Our community needs a place where every child is known, loved, and challenged.

We want to build that place.

Why build?

Parents are desperate for a school that they can trust. The digital revolution and the sexual revolution have done a number on our society, and we as an Academy are eager to not pass those battles onto our children.

In the last four years, we have seen our enrollment double, our fundraising quadruple, and overall retention increase by more than 10%. It is time for Coram Deo to plant roots in the community through moving into their own permanent campus.

In 2022, we serve about 150 students but believe that we can be serving more than 400 students in Hamilton County through our combination of scholarship, discipleship, and partnership. The twofold combination of offering an Upperclassmen Apprenticeship along with a Great Books liberal arts sequence is the unique value of Coram Deo Academy.

Home + Church + Academy = Legacy

At Coram Deo, we believe that God has appointed three governments: the family, the church, and the state. Education is a task that does not belong to the state but to the family. We exist to assist parents in their duty of biblically training their children by offering serious scholarship and durable discipleship. We’ve designed a space that emphasizes these three priorities of scholarship, discipleship, and partnership.

Grit-Grace-Growth Apprenticeships

Coram Deo offers three ‘beyond the school walls’ specialized learning experiences during Junior and Senior year. These three apprenticeships culminate in the Senior Thesis defense, and catalyze the fulfillment of the Portrait of the Graduate, equipping students as Contagious Christians, Lifelong Learners, Critical & Creative Thinkers, Compelling Communicators, and Legacy Leaders.

The Grit Apprenticeship focuses on the skills of the servant-leader and the attributes of courage, independence, perseverance, and work ethic. The Grace Apprenticeship focuses on the skills of the problem-solver and the attributes of collaboration, persuasion, reflection, and productivity. The Growth Apprenticeship, during Senior year, focuses on the professional skills of the scholar-practitioner and the attributes of scholarship, craftsmanship, inquiry, and eloquence.


We are eager to partner with people who want to see a lasting difference in the next generation through financial partnership.

If you feel called to contribute, click the link to our giving portal below.


Christ is the light by which we find knowledge and truth in every area of learning. As such, we view all subjects through the lens of Scripture. Students learn from faithful Christ-followers through instruction, imitation and practice.


Classical education adheres to a process of learning known as the trivium. Each level (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) aligns with a student’s stage of development to maximize learning. The trivium emphasizes the disciplines of reading, speaking, Latin, and logic so that wisdom and critical thinking become part of a student’s DNA. After graduation, these qualities enable students to continue their lives with curiosity and examination and live well through adversity in a way that glorifies God.


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