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Making Coram Deo Academy Accessible


What is Classical Christian Education?

Classical Christian Education is a time-tested method of equipping students to become lifelong learners. At Coram Deo Academy, we combine this methodology with a distinctly and consistently Christ-centered approach.

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We seek to charge what it costs to run the school so that we can pay our faculty a living wage, while also offering tuition assistance to remove financial barriers to mission-fit families.

The Knox Fund

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Tuition Assistance Process


Coram Deo Academy strives to reduce financial barriers for mission-fit families who desire a classical Christian education for their children. To assess a family’s ability to afford a Coram Deo Academy education, we utilize FACTS as an objective and independent third party. FACTS provides a tuition recommendation to the school.


In order to find the appropriate tuition amount, we must assess the financial need of each family. To do this, many factors are considered including income, assets, number of dependents, and number of children attending schools that charge tuition. The process will also include discretionary spending including but not limited to: medical expenses, consumer debt, automobiles, and additional property.


Christ is the light by which we find knowledge and truth in every area of learning. As such, we view all subjects through the lens of Scripture. Students learn from faithful Christ-followers through instruction, imitation and practice.


Classical education adheres to a process of learning known as the trivium. Each level (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) aligns with a student’s stage of development to maximize learning. The trivium emphasizes the disciplines of reading, speaking, Latin, and logic so that wisdom and critical thinking become part of a student’s DNA. After graduation, these qualities enable students to continue their lives with curiosity and examination and live well through adversity in a way that glorifies God.


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