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Grades K-12


Our Seven Narnian Houses for Lower School aim at the cultivation of the moral imagination in community, fostering our core virtues of agape, arete and fortitudo. House games and activities provide opportunities for students to be known, loved, and challenged outside of the classroom. They develop teamwork and leadership, bringing to life the Coram Deo saying, “Big takes care of little.” In the Upper School students do not leave their Lower School House, just as our poetic, moral imagination of childhood always stays with us, informing who we are and how we act. 

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FocusCommunity (agape)

Structure: 7 Narnian houses, each with Upper School leadership and faculty sponsor. Students (and families) will remain part of a single Narnian house throughout their years at CDA.

Function: Create cross-grade level communities that connect students and families to each other and to needs in the school community (and beyond).

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