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Coram Deo.

Pursuing Truth and Excellence

Coram Deo Academy graduates students who embody our Portrait of a Graduate…

Hear what makes Coram Deo Academy unique & distinctive…

We exist to assist parents…


Fostering Community

through Houses

Webinar with Jason Barney,

DeeDee Fenney, & Daniel Racke

Hear how our House system serves as a bridge between the home and the school, fosters agape community, and trains students proactively in character and leadership.



High School


Webinar with David Seibel &

Jason Barney

Coram Deo provides schooling in the classical liberal arts tradition within the four walls of the school as well as three apprenticeship opportunities with employers in the community when they are upperclassmen through mentoring employment opportunities in the community. 

The DNA of

Coram Deo Academy

Webinar with Coram Deo Staff


More parents are seeing that not all schooling options are effective in helping kids reach their full potential. Perhaps you are one of those parents. This webinar will introduce you to Coram Deo Academy as a partner in your student’s educational journey.


Project Legacy:

Rob Eyler

David Seibel | Blog Post

Habits of the Heart in the Home

DeeDee Feeney | Blog Series

Lessons of a Novice Taxidermist

Jen Hutson  | Blog Series

Make school count for life
with a Christian Classical Education.

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