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Grades 7-10


Starting in 7th grade students are successively inducted into four real-world Guilds (Actors, Designers, Orators, Bookkeepers) in order to learn how to apply their liberal arts training in the marketplace. After initial induction as apprentices, students may choose to continue on to be journeymen and masters through related electives or clubs (e.g., Theater, Studio Art, Leadership, Business, and advanced economics, math and science courses).


FocusSkills & Craftsmanship (arete)


Structure: 4 skill-based guilds into which every Upper School student is inducted as an apprentice. Advancement to journeyman or master comes through additional work in the guild.


Function: Introduce students to a variety of professional skills and encourage them to hone those skills:

  1. Actors Guild: theater & stagecraft
  2. Designers Guild: photoshop, graphic design, Studio Art 2D and 3D
  3. Orators Guild: Powerpoint, rhetoric, debate
  4. Bookkeepers Guild: Excel, personal finance, charts and graphs
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