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Coram Deo.

Pursuing Truth and Excellence

We believe that…

…anything can be thought, felt, or done in the

presence of God for His glory.

Life is too short to waste a child’s potential.

No student likes being treated like a number. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Reach for the best.

At Coram Deo Academy, your student can…

Ditch Mediocrity

The greatest achievements in history came from a Christian worldview. Avoid man-centered education and see how a God-centered education elevates excellence.

Grow Spiritually

Christian education is more than a secular curriculum with Bible & Chapel. Placing Christ at the center of the school is like allowing the light of the sun to shine on all His creation. When His light shines, children grow.

Enjoy Community

This academy exists to assist parents in training their children. We at Coram Deo are here to help by providing kids and families a community of achievement and support.

Make school count for life
with a Christian Classical Education.

Who will a CDA student become?

Equip yourself as a parent

Habits of the Heart

Webinar with DeeDee Feeney

In this webinar, DeeDee Feeney, a long-time educator and a mother of five flourishing adults, shares the four parenting secrets she used during her childrens’ formative years.

The Essentials of Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Webinar with David Seibel

When it comes to picking a school option for their child, you may have realized that the status quo is not working out. This webinar will present you with the essential knowledge you need to make the right choice for your family.

The DNA of Coram Deo Academy

Webinar with Coram Deo Staff

More parents are seeing that not all schooling options are effective in helping kids reach their full potential. Perhaps you are one of those parents. This webinar will introduce you to Coram Deo Academy as a partner in your student’s educational journey.

Project Legacy: Micah Beckwith

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Habits of the Heart in the Home

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The Value of a Musical Education

Emma Foss | Blog Series

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