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Fine Arts & Music

As God created us in His image, we too have been given the ability to create.

“I strive to show each child God has given them the gift of creativity. And like any muscle, creativity can be formed and strengthened with use and practice. I am also here to guide each student in learning to recognize and appreciate the beauty in God’s world.” -Mrs. Gipson

Fine Arts:

We offer a robust curriculum of:

  • The Elements of Art
    • Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture, Value, Color
  • Multiple Mediums
    • Pencils, Colored Pencils, Watercolor, Paint, Clay, Chalk, Oil Pastels, and Mixed Media
  • Art Styles
    • We study a famous piece and mimic the artist’s style, for example Seurat, Monet, Kandinsky
  • Color Theory
    • It is important that each student knows how to mix colors and make the colors they need.


Music is a means in which children learn more about God and creation. Music appeals to the whole person by serving as a doorway into the individual’s heart (emotions) and mind (intellect).

When children learn over 100 new songs per year through listening, role, and reading, they are using a language-based approach to sing and make music.  

Our curriculum incorporates singing, literacy, instruments, and movement. Additionally, it is based off of the seven elements of music:

      Melody                          Harmony

      Rhythm                         Timbre

      Texture                          Form

      Expressive Elements

“The goal of a Christian education should be to enable students both to choose excellent music and recognize their Christian task regarding its uses.”

-Zachary J. Vreeman

It is not the success or reward of musical training that shapes the individual; rather, it is the process of music-making that develops character.

Music helps students develop life-long habits:

  • Perseverance
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Precision and motor control
  • Overcoming fears in public speaking
  • Creativity and self-expression

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