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Grandparents Day 2020

Grandparents Day 2020

Grandparents Day 2020 details

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We know you have questions about Grandparents Day, especially in light of Covid-19. Rather than cancelling or rescheduling, we’ve decided to make some strategic changes to our event for the many grandparents who will want to attend in person. We also plan on live-streaming and recording the student performances for those who are unable to make it this year.

Here are some specific new protocols we will be taking for those who plan to attend in person:

  • The event will occur in the gym with grandparent couples spread out from one another.
  • There won’t be visits to the classrooms, but student work will be displayed on the walls.
  • Students will perform songs and recitations from the stage at a distance from the audience.
  • Coffee, water and orange juice will be available for self-serve but no breakfast food items.
  • We will check attendees’ temperature with our no-contact device upon entry.
  • Grandparents are kindly asked to RSVP by Friday October 23rd, so that we can plan accordingly. Email smackay@coramdeo-in.com or call 317-844-4224. Also, let us know if you do not plan to attend in person, but would appreciate watching the live stream or receiving the recording!


Let us know if you have any questions. Email jbarney@coramdeo-in.com.

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