Project Legacy: What Education Can Learn from Politics

When asked about his two most influential teachers, Jeff shared about his sixth grade teacher and his college athletic training supervisor. The common thread between the two of them is that they were both demanding and did not tolerate excuses. Jeff’s favorite teacher was his sixth-grade teacher Mrs. White.

Project Legacy: From Businessman to Pastor

This is the third in a series of interviews with leaders who give their perspective on education. The aim of these interviews is to learn from leaders outside of education to influence those inside education. The following post recounts lessons from Northview Church’s Senior Pastor, Steve Poe.

One Potential Drawback of Classical Christian Education

In most Christian schools, there is not much opportunity for students to tell their unbelieving friends about the merciful message of Jesus Christ for sinners. Although it is obvious that not all students have a saving faith in Jesus, every student is given ample opportunity to know and grow in the grace of Christ.

Homeschooling, Public and Private. Oh My!

Educational options abound. Rather than sell you on what I think is best, I want to educate you on the options for educating your child: public, private and homeschool. Rather than sharing my opinion, I want to put some resources in front of you that have been helpful to me.