Invest Your Privilege

I would like to provide some biblical thought with the aim of promoting biblical living as it relates to privilege. First, I will provide a general background on privilege and then present a twofold offensive strategy: community-awareness and intentional privilege investment.

Project Legacy: Greg Enas

With his collective experience, Dr. Enas can teach educators to minimize risk, enhance value, and accelerate high-impact solutions. These are the lessons I have learned from Dr. Enas during our meetings in 2018-2020.

Project Legacy: Ron Brumbarger

The Great Conversation is the ongoing process where today’s students refine and innovate upon the great minds of the past– ultimately, Ron has showed me that this should be done in a community with a great mentors, great tools and great partners.

The Habits of the Heart in the Home: Obedience

Training your child in the habit of obedience is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent. Remember, good habits are formed by slow, methodical training – encouraging appropriate behavior and discouraging inappropriate behavior. You have been equipped by God to do this job.