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Tara Tang is one of our Board members at Coram Deo Academy. We caught up with her to help new families get to know her and her family. 


1. What brought you to CDA? 


Our family has been a part of the CDA community since 2012. We searched for the right school to start our oldest daughter at, and the Lord led us to Coram Deo. At the time, we knew very little about Classical Christian education, yet learning about the principles and experiencing the CDA community led us to pray about our choice, and ultimately, we felt the Lord prompting us to commit to CDA.


2. Tell us about your professional background.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science/Systems, and before having children, I had a career in Information Technology at Eli Lilly and Co. Since 2008, I have been at home with my children full time. The circumstances of my life have led me to interact in a variety of professional settings, such as becoming a medical advocate for two of my children who have genetic medical conditions, as well as navigating the world of international adoption to bring one of our children “home” from China. I have also served in various ministries, including nursery care, as well as involvement in a Family Advocacy ministry at my church.


3. Spouse and Kids?


My husband Tim and I have been married for 19 years. We have four children:  Annie is a freshman in high school and our first “graduate” of CDA, Josh is in 6th grade, Lia is in 3rd, and Norah is in 2nd.


4. Where did you go to school?


I grew up in Wisconsin and went to high school in Waukesha. I then attended Taylor University, not too far from Indianapolis.


5. What are your favorite hobbies?


My current favorite hobbies are cooking for my family and friends, making sourdough bread and pizzas, doing just about anything crafty, and spending time with my new puppy.


6. What are you most excited about when it comes to Coram Deo’s future?  

I am excited to see what the Lord has for CDA in terms of growth. It’s exciting to see us build out our classes to capacity, begin to launch our high school, and pray about a future location for CDA.



7. What do you do on the board?


I am currently helping oversee the process of fostering our donor relationships and assisting with CDA’s annual fund.


8. Who has been one of the biggest influences in your life?


My Grandma. She passed away in 2011, however, she was such a wonderful servant of the Lord and the kindest woman one would ever meet. She taught me much about hospitality and loving all people.

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