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We caught up with Cameron Heasley, a Coram Deo dad and board member, to learn a little more about him and help our community get to know him better.


1. What brought you to CDA? 


My wife Becca heard of Coram Deo Academy through a friend at Bible Study Fellowship, Alesa Bahler.  After researching private schools and homeschool adoptions, we felt like CDA was the best fit for our family.  In addition to the classical philosophy, we were looking for a full five days a week schedule and the integration of a biblical worldview throughout all areas of study.


2. Tell us about your professional background. 


I’ve been in personal wealth management for over 12 years. I’m a business owner and partner at Vestia Wealth Advisors. My vocation has given me the unique opportunity to serve affluent families navigating what we like to call, “wealth that matters.”



3. Spouse and Kids?


My wife Becca and I met at Taylor University. Becca is a former high school art & ESL teacher as well as a small business owner. We’re blessed to have three children, Louisa (7 yrs old), Maella (4 years old), and Jameson (almost 2 years old). Louisa is a 1st Grader in Mrs. Ashley’s class and Maella is Pre-K with Mrs. Hinton. 


4. Where did you go to school? 


I graduated from Taylor University in 2009 with a BS in Finance.  Athletics have always been a major part of my story. In the third grade, I had traveled to TU to attend the Don Odle summer basketball camp. I can remember thinking to myself, “Who would go to a school in the middle of the cornfields?” Despite my aspirations to play NCAA football at a major university, God had a different plan for my life. I’m glad he did!


5. Favorite hobbies?


If it involves being outside, accomplishing a physical task, or tinkering with a something that needs fixed/improved, sign me up!


6. What are you most excited about when it comes to Coram Deo’s future?


My wife and I are excited about the opportunity for Coram Deo to springboard into this new chapter of the academy’s history. Our culture and community are in desperate need of a “light on a hill.” When I think about CDA, I think about a legacy of Christ followers that model the “portrait of a graduate.” As our alumni base grows this will become our best litmus test gauging our success.


7. What do you do on the board? 


Currently, I serve as the treasurer and chair of the finance committee.


8. Who has been one of your biggest influences in your life? 


I’ve been extremely fortunate to have mentors at every stage of my life. To my father’s credit, he knew it would take a “village” to raise my brother and me to become Biblical men. Men of commitment, honor, responsibility, initiative, service, and truth. I’m a tapestry of the godly guidance and wisdom from men like my father.



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