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Alumni Series

Coram Deo Academy has been blessed with the opportunity to graduate many Legacy Leaders from our former High School.

As we now focus on re-launching our Upper School, we take time to reflect and celebrate several of our alumni. Click on each graduate’s name to read more about their Coram Deo Academy experience.



There is so much that I loved about CDA, but the biggest by far were the relationships. I found it unique that our school was so small, yet we had so many different people and personalities that we got to know and be friends with. We were in some way forced to be friends with people who were different from us, which I believe actually grew me a ton and helped me see the beauty in everyone and learn from different perspectives.”


We both agree that time and time again we are grateful for the ways that a classical education trained us to be lifelong learners. Eventually, you will not have your teachers with you to frame the material. But Coram Deo developed the practice within us to ask hard questions and dig for truth, regardless of the area of study. Being able to apply a Christian worldview to any situation is something that we did over and over in school, and it transferred over to college and our adult years which we are so grateful for, since this world is a confusing place to understand without the lens of Christ as our Hope. 



One of my favorite aspects of Coram Deo was the personal relationships with the teachers and their passion for teaching the students. I loved that they incorporated God in all that they taught no matter what subjects they taught. One of the things that I really appreciated was how comfortable they were with us sharing things with them and their willingness to stop the lesson and sometimes just talk.


At CDA, I had men and women who showed me how to be a leader by example, peers who showed me what to do, and sometimes not to do, as a leader. If nothing else, they taught me that there really is no end to learning. Everyone who is under you, everyone who is over you, they all have unique perspectives and ideas that you and your colleagues may NEVER have thought about, and you can never take that for granted.

First, I think my classical Christian education will help me succeed in my field because of the type of person I am becoming from my experience at Coram Deo. I am servant-hearted, compassionate and want to make a difference. 

My education also taught me how to study and work hard towards my goals. It takes a lot of determination and discipline to do nursing and collegiate soccer at the same time. My classical education also helped me become a more well-rounded person. Rather than coasting through high school, I read books and plays that wrestled with complex ideas. I wrote and defended a thesis that I was passionate about. I took logic classes that taught me how to reason. All of this was hard, but so rewarding.



The biggest advantage of my educational background at CDA was the Christian part of my education. It helped me to get through the rough times in college knowing that God is always with me. By “rough times” I mean that some of my classes were hard and I could not get a grasp of the content.


“(At CDA) I loved being challenged to think for myself, especially through a biblical lens. Because of logic and rhetoric, we were taught much about worldly beliefs and how to spot logical fallacies within them. As someone who is naturally gullible and takes things at face value, this was extremely helpful to learn how to interpret the world through biblical lenses and not just what is fed to me. Now I coach a high school girl taking logic and Latin, and I get to remind her how helpful these subjects will be for her!

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