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Interview by Valerie Malabonga, CDA parent  


1. Could you tell us about your time at Coram Deo Academy: In what grade did you start? How long were you there? What year did you graduate? 


I started in 9th grade and I was there for four years and graduated in 2018.




2. I understand you have a speech-related disability. Do you mind telling us about this? How did you and your family deal with your disability while at Coram Deo? Was it ever an impediment to your academic and social success at Coram Deo? How did Coram Deo administrators, teachers and your peers handle or react to your disability?  


I have a hard time speaking clearly to people so I have to repeat myself. I practiced talking to teachers and students whenever I had the chance. My disability was not an impediment to my academic and social success at CDA. The teachers and students knew what I was talking about most of the time.     




3. Tell us what you are doing now. What is your major? What recent jobs have you had or are you doing? What extra-curricular activities are you involved in? 



I am a Mathematics major at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU). I worked at Daystar, a construction company, the summer after high school and I worked for the parks and recreation department of my city, Noblesville, for two summers while on break from college. I am not involved in any extra-curricular activities right now.   



4. What was your favorite aspect of Coram Deo? 


The teachers were very supportive of me. Even though I have my disability, they did not embarrass me in front of the class. They got the general idea of what I was talking about.     



5. What stands out about the relationships you developed at Coram Deo? Are you still connected with the people you met at Coram Deo? In what ways? How did your relationships make you the person you are today? 


I had good friendships at CDA but I am not connected to the friends that I made at CDA right now. My friendships at CDA taught me that it is okay to work with somebody else, since I like to work alone.   




6. In your experience, what has been the biggest advantage of your educational background at Coram Deo? How were you prepared for the challenges of college and working life? 


The biggest advantage of my educational background at CDA was the Christian part of my education. It helped me to get through the rough times in college knowing that God is always with me. By “rough times” I mean that some of my classes were hard and I could not get a grasp of the content. Also, I had trouble making new friends since I like to work alone.       


7. The stereotype is that classically trained students excel in the Humanities, but you are in Mathematics. How do you think your classical Christian education helped prepare you to be successful in your field? 




My classical education at CDA helped me in Mathematics because I can apply the study tactics that helped me in high school, to help me excel in college. Also, I can lead people towards Christ, because Mathematics is one of God’s favorite tools to use in the world.    






8. Coram Deo’s current “Portrait of a Graduate” highlights the phrases: Contagious Christian, Lifelong Learner, Creative and Critical Thinker, Compelling Communicator, and Legacy Leader. How did Coram Deo help you become any or all of these? In what ways? 


Coram Deo helped me to become a Lifelong Learner, because I am constantly learning about life, specifically God’s love for me.  


9. What is next for you or what plans do you have for serving Christ in the world with your gifts? 



I am going to get a full-time job after college, probably in the field of finance or statistics.      



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