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ACCS Accreditation 

Coram Deo Academy has recently received Accreditation from the ACCS (Association of Classical Christian Schools). While there are over 400 ACCS Member schools, there are currently less than 70 ACCS-accredited schools in the US and Coram Deo Academy is the only ACCS-accredited school in Indiana. The ACCS is a state recognized accrediting body. During the accreditation process, the ACCS ensures that the candidate school is committed to the classical Christian education model.

ACCS-accredited schools have completed a rigorous process including a self-study examination and an on-site visit by the accreditation committee. This committee examines the entire school organization from school board oversight to classroom pedagogy. This includes student participation, conduct, and development, staff training, parent-teacher relations, operational and financial policies, community support, the overall spiritual demeanor in the school classrooms, the integration of Scripture in the school curriculum, and conformity with classical Christian methods in the classroom. — ACCS

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