Enrollment Process

The admissions process involves these steps:

  1. Learn and read all you can about Coram Deo Academy and classical Christian education. The CDA Parent/Student Handbook is a great place to start. Call the school office to schedule an appointment with our Principal (David Seibel) if you have any questions about Coram Deo Academy or Classical Christian education. 
  2. Pray for the Lord’s guidance in this decision for your family.
  3. Complete the Online Application for Admission and pay the application $120 application fee online.
  4. To enroll into grades K-8, contact your child's current school office and have them email your child's standardized testing results and report cards from the last two years to info@coramdeo-in.com.  Please also prepare a portfolio of recent math, and writing assignments.  Two to three of each item will sufice.
  5. Upon receipt of your completed Admission Application, application fee, and all other required documents, a student assessment will be scheduled to ensure your child is placed at the correct grade level.
  6. A family interview with the Principal (David Seibel) will be scheduled.
  7. During the interview, the family’s remaining questions about Coram Deo will be answered, and the school’s expectations will be clarified. Each parent and student(s) must participate in the family interview.
  8. The school will contact the parents with the decision regarding acceptance. If accepted, the family will receive an email of acceptance and an online Enrollment Packet. The school will also notify parents with respect to decisions regarding any requests for financial assistance..

Tuition Payment Plans

Option 1: One (1) lump sum payment due on August 1.

Option 2: Ten (10) equal monthly payments due on or before the first day of each month beginning with August 1 of the current year, with the final payment due on or before May 1 of the following year.