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Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible

Dear Parents and Partners,

In the Fall of 1994 I was in a Psychology 101 class at Southwest Missouri State University (the university became Missouri State some years later). For our final assignment of the semester, we were instructed to write a paper on “What is truth?” As the professor provided the class instructions for length, formatting, and deadlines, he also covered the requirements for the number and type of sources we could use to write the paper. When the professor finished giving the requirements for the paper, I considered the task I had just been given. I was to write a 20+ page paper defining truth. If the instructions had stopped there, all would have been well. After all, I had come to know THE TRUTH years earlier in the person of Jesus Christ when I was eleven years old and the Lord in His mercy and grace saved me. Unfortunately the instructions for the paper continued, and those instructions included the exclusion of the Bible as a source for the paper. The paper was a requirement for passing the class, so if I wanted to pass, the paper had to be written. The thought of writing a paper on truth when I could not use the Bible as a source felt like being asked to do long division without a calculator…or pencil and paper for that matter. I had one over-riding question…”How do I write a paper on truth without the Bible?” I spoke to the professor asking him if there was any way he would reconsider, and shared that I simply was at a loss for how to define the truth apart from Scripture. I went in with what I hoped were reasoned arguments. As a young man, I was certain my impassioned plea and rational arguments would not only allow me to use the Bible for the paper, but that the professor would come to Christ himself and indeed begin requiring the Bible be used on this paper. A day or two later, I found myself sitting down to begin working on my paper considering all the incredible verses I could use to define truth…but knowing I could use none of them.

That was nearly 22 years ago. I wonder how many students have gone through that class since, writing a paper on truth…without referencing the truth. How many of those student’s world view is set in a place where truth is relative, and by being relative, essentially non-existent? As they now raise their own children in the context of truth defined by a changing culture rather than the unchanging truth of Scripture, their lives, and that of their children, have no anchor of truth in which to establish their hearts and minds. In all we do at Coram Deo, may we be working to set the tether in place between our student’s hearts and God…knowing that in the end, it will be between them and God to tie the knots.


Kent Welch
Head of School