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"My life is given to me..."

“I am Coram Deo, my life is given to me to honor Him, and I will honor Him with it. I will be a gentlemen/lady, and a blessing to those around me. I will not lie or cheat, or tolerate those who do. I will strive for excellence, and should I fail, I will do so nobly, and with grace. I am Coram Deo.”

These are the words of our Coram Deo Shout. Our students repeat this shout every week in our Monday morning all school assembly, as well as at other times during the week. Words are powerful things, because they express ideas, and ideas are the things of which our lives are made. The parchment upon which the Declaration of Independence was written was no threat to England…but the ideas that the words expressed galvanized a people from all parts of the world to establish, fight for, and build, a nation the likes of which the world had never before seen.

Among the things we examined this week in Chapel, were the three simple words “given to me” in the first sentence of the CDA Shout. When we speak the Coram Deo Shout, we acknowledge to God that we realize that our lives have been “given to us”. We are stating our understanding that we had nothing to do with our creation, and that we ultimately have nothing to do with our continued existence. That all we have, even our very life, is an undeserved gift from God.

One of the great struggles for the Christian today, is the rejection of the entitlement notions of our age. We, and our children, are inundated with the unbiblical idea that we are owed the things we possess. The things we have, our homes, our jobs, our church, our school, etc., are things we might think that we deserve. Further, we are told that if we do not have what we believe we should, then we have somehow been wronged, and it leads us to a place of bitterness and discontentment. The truth though…is that everything in our lives, including our lives themselves, have been “given to us”. The Apostle Paul once asked why we would boast if everything we have has been given to us. Taking that idea one step further, why would I feel entitled to anything, when I realize that all I have, and whatever I might have in the future, is a gift…a gift that has been “given to me”?