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Prayer and The Christian Life

Dear Parents and Partners,

John Piper once said, "One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time." As with most humorous things...there is a strong connection to truth in Dr. Piper's words.

This week in Systematic Theology (our 11th grade Christian Studies course), we have been studying what the Scriptures say about prayer. Over time, prayer has become more and more precious to me. "Sweet Hour of Prayer" has become one of my favorite hymns. Communion and fellowship with God through the exalting of His name and adoration of His Person is the point of the Christian life. Such communion and fellowship is impossible apart from prayer. I believe it is simply true that as our prayer life goes...so goes the entirety of our Christian life. The study of God and His word, apart from prayer, might move the mind of man, but it will not move his spirit. Music, apart from prayer, might move a man's emotions, but it will not move his soul. Emotional flames are quickly put out by the godless winds of our culture. Intellectual flames are cold things...and they bring no real warmth and light to the life. But prayer...prayer moves the soul closer to God, and the warmth and light of our prayers accompany us through the day, and strengthen us through the night.

In the New Testament, we read that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. The Scriptures do not record the Lord's disciples asking Him to teach them to preach, or how to perform miracles. They did not ask how to setup the Kingdom He had come to setup and establish Himself. They do, however, ask to be taught how to pray. I believe that when the disciples heard and saw Jesus pray, that they felt a deep desire to be able to commune with God as Jesus did. I can only imagine how powerful it must have been to witness the perfect Son of God speaking with His Father...the mere thought of such a scene causes a desire to dispense with my feeble and weak words, and bow before my God and my King in sincere prayer.

With these thoughts in mind...I once again ask our entire community to keep our school in your prayers. Our school has ongoing needs...but none greater than our need to be a praying people.

In Christ,

Kent Welch

Head of School