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Graduating Christian Leaders

The final sentence in Coram Deo's mission statement states that, "...we desire to graduate  young men and women who, as servants of Christ, are equipped spiritually, intellectually and artistically to engage and shape the culture with the claims of the gospel to the glory of God." Let it never be said that our mission is not a worthy one. While the costs of working toward this mission are great...the accomplishing of this mission will prove to be greater still.

When we consider this mission, it might be said that Coram Deo Academy is desiring to graduate Christian leaders. The world is in desperate need of strong leadership, and specifically strong Christian leadership. Homes need mothers and fathers who are committed to leading and ordering their homes according to God's word. Churches are in need of leaders who will unapologetically champion Christian virtues and do so by example as well as word, no matter what it might cost them personally. Businesses and corporations are in need of leaders who will not hide behind perceived pragmatism by remaining silent on issues of Christian virtue. Looking back in history, both ancient and recent, we see that it is often the silence of the righteous which is at fault when the darkness of the removal of God and His word falls over a culture. I am praying that Coram Deo will be a training ground for the leaders we will need when they become adults. The absence of Christian leadership in our nation should alarm us all. Yet, we are not in despair. We do not throw our hands up in defeat. We serve a God who rules over the nations. Perhaps He will raise up a generation of young people with the strength of their convictions to turn the tide of our culture back toward God. Perhaps Coram Deo and the thousands of other Classical Christian schools across the country will play a major part in that work of God. It is for this reason that we must continually all be looking to Christ. We must look to Him to help us understand that this life is not the goal...that this life and the comforts, pleasures, and approval of man are fleeting and fickle things. We must see that eternity is set before each of us as well as our children and students. When we look into their eyes, we must see a unique, amazing creation of God who will only find true rest, true peace, true happiness in the God who created them and their submission to His authority in their lives. If they come to that place of understanding, they will be equipped to stand with the strength and courage they will need to be the true and effective leaders we hope to graduate from Coram Deo Academy.

In Christ,

Kent Welch

Head of School